Events using Meta XR audio plugin not reproducing in Quest build

Hello there!

We are currently developing a VR project In UE 5.3 using FmodStudio (version 2.02.20) and also using Meta XR audio plugin for spatilization purposes. The platforms we are wrking for are Quest 2 and Quest 3.

The Meta plugin is working fine and all sounds are playing as intended in UE5 editor. But the issue is that any sound that belongs to an fmod bank which contains events using the Meta plugin are not reproducing in a Quest build.

We do have 2D non spatialized sounds like Music or UI banks playing correctly in build.

Build preference inside Fmod studio project are set as:

Project Platform: Mobile
Surround Speaker Mode: Headphones
Encoding Format: Vorbis
Advanced Loading Mode: Streaming
Quality: 37%
Sample Rate Mode: Custom
Sample Rate: 24.0Khz

Any clue on why this could be happening? maybe packaging settings in UE5 that we are not aware of?


Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the issue using 2.02.20 and UE5.3.

These settings look good.
In the FMOD Setting could you please set the logging level to Log and enable API Error Logging

And let me know if you are getting any errors when launching the app from a device.

Can I confirm the location of the Meta plugin in your project is here:

Hey Connor, thank you for the quick answer.

I detected the issue, there was an APL.xml file missing for deploying the MetaAudioFmod plugin.

Now it is solved.

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No worries, thanks for sharing your solution.