Exclude/bypass a platform dependent plugin

I am working on a project that will be delivered on two different platforms (PC + PS4 - FMOD 1.08.02).
I am using a plugin that only works on PC, while I need to ignore it for the PS4 build.
Is there a way to exclude/bypass plugins from a specific build or is it necessary to create two different projects?

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At this moment we don’t support platform specific plugins. We are investigating various ideas to solve that for our future releases.

In the meantime, if the plugin simply does not exist for a particular platform (i.e. PS4 in your case), then you might consider using the FMOD_STUDIO_INIT_ALLOW_MISSING_PLUGINS as documented here: http://www.fmod.org/documentation/#content/generated/FMOD_STUDIO_INITFLAGS.html

This will allow the banks to still load even if the plugin does not exist. So for PC build, as long as the plugin located in the game, everything should work as expected. On PS4, a dummy will be created in its place.

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