Experiencing crash to Desktop from resonanceaudio.dll in FMOD 1.10.20 Unity 2019.2.21f1

Hi! We’re experiencing quite frequent runtime crashes in both debug and development builds of our Unity project.

Most, if not all crashes are immediate and appear to come from resonanceaudio.dll when running the application through the visual studio debugger.

Unhandled exception at 0x00007FF8F2C53701 (resonanceaudio.dll) in ********_crash.dmp: Fatal program exit requested. occurred

We’re running FMOD 1.10.20 and Unity 2019.2.21f1.

Anyone ever experienced anything similar?

The crashes and log files do not give us any useful hints so far, and we don’t have any clear steps of reproduction in our game. The crashes appear quite random with no action in particular causing a crash. On some older CPU’s it appears like it never or very rarely happens, but is quite frequent on newer machines, both Intel, AMD, Nvidia and Radeon systems. Crashes so far have been detected on both Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Is it possible to get access to a version of the resonanceaudio.dll file with debug symbols, or alternatively the exact source used by the FMOD project so we can compile one ourselves and be able to do some deeper debugging?

We’ve attempted to run the newer FMOD 2.0 build, but it does not seem to have any impact on the crash rate.

We make quite frequent use of resonance audio features in our game, the runtime was stable when we were just using FMOD without resonance audio, but some time after we started using resonance audio features in our FMOD studio project these problems appeared.

Thankful for any input on the topic.

The best thing I can suggest is to check your input to the plugin. This will be the listener and the event positions, velocities, and direction vectors to fmod (adn which methods in unity do you use to do this). As this doesnt normally happen, but you’re getting it a lot , i’d maybe even try and isolate things to the point the crash doesnt happen any more.
Ie stop passing data to the functions one parameter at a time, even if it sounds wrong, just to get the issue to stop.
If it is not parameters, even turning off events in case there is a particular combination of the resonance plugin and other effects or sounds that cause this to happen.

The best thing for us is a reproduction but I can understand this is more work. We can of course provide debugging libraries to help us track down the issue.

Thanks! It’s the path we’re currently taking, trying to guess what might be causing it and reducing the possibilities. If you could, getting us a .dll with debug symbols would be really useful.

Any update on this issue? We’re experiencing a similar problem with our project.
The crash to desktop is relatively difficult to reproduce for us so a trial and error approach will only be our last resort.

We’re also using VR (VRTK with SteamVR), and I’ve seen at least one other article with this issue being reported while using VRTK.

What versions of FMOD, Unity and Steam are you using?
Are you able to share any logs you might have?

Thanks for the response, my issue was resolved in another thread, the solution is in a PR on the resonanace audio github project.