Export GUIDs Header in Example Scripts don't seem to be working at all

I can find an entry in ‘Scripts > FMOD Examples’ that reads ‘Export GUIDs Header,’ all of whose contents do not seem to work at all. When I click any of them, they just do nothing. Is this a glitch?
I thought it would create some kind of const definition so that I don’t have to specify events and stuff by string.

I’m using macOS 10.15.3, FMOD Studio 2.00.07.

I’ve tested it out on a Mac OS 10.15.3 and it does seem FMOD Studio 2.00.07 does not produce the header files nor any error messages. I can confirm that this is fixed in FMOD Studio 2.00.08.

You don’t need to update FMOD Studio in your game, you can freely use FMOD Studio 2.00.08 to get the header files.