Event paths in GUIDS.txt missing from upgraded projects

I have a project made in FMOD Studio 1.08. If I export GUIDS.txt, event names in the file look like this:


If I take that same project and open it up in FMOD Studio 2.01 and let it do it’s automatic upgrade of the project and THEN export GUIDS.txt the event looks like this.


With the path ripped off of it. Some other things to note…The UI shows the correct folders. That is:


The other interesting thing is that if i add NEW events to that project and then export GUIDS.txt, their paths are exported just fine.

So it seems like something about the upgrade from 1.08 to 2.01 keeps enough path information for the UI but not enough for the GUID export.

I discovered this too when working on your other bug report. I found that saving, closing and reopening Studio seems to work around the issue. We will continue investigating and try and get this fixed.