Expose multi-instrument index as property

In my projects I have many occasions to expose a group of related sounds as a progression to the programmer. Like a multi-instrument in global-sequential, all these assets share the same snapshot. However the program needs to specify where to start in the list.
Internally FMOD keeps track of an index to the multi-instrument. I am suggesting that this index be a writable property of an event with a multi-instrument. Thinking about it, an event can have an arbitrary number of multi-instruments. Perhaps these could be named?
My work-around for this is to expose every assets as an event. Then the game programmer needs to build the array and maintain the index for every instance of a progressive sound event. Some of these have 20 progressions. This is really cluttering up the name space and I have to get game programming commitment to do the right thing (not always easy). I see in FMOD 2.0 that I could do this with event instruments. Building these is considerably more involved than dragging 20 assets onto a multi-instrument and sharing the snapshot instrument.
I don’t want to use a suggested solution for playing arbitrary assets using a callback. That is even more programmer involvement.
I really like multi-instruments, I just want to be able to play the n-th one by calling the event with a parameter.

I think it would be simpler for you to create a discrete parameter and use that instead of trying to control a multi-instrument. You can then pass in the index as the parameter’s value when playing the event instance.