Feature Request: Indexed event groups

I have many sound effect groups where the sound fxs are similar but progressive. It is easy to build a multi-sound group with Studio. They share the namespace and any signal processing like ducking. Great.
I’d like a way to set the index to play a specific one from the sound event.
Of course I could create a separate event for each assets but this would clutter the namespace and mixing and ducking would be much more cumbersome.

looking through the API I don’t see a way of setting this property. It shouldn’t be hard. Play the sixth asset of this sound event.

I built my current version of the sound project naively assuming that this property could be set.

I’ve seen requests from other users for this functionality. Yes, I understand that the first use of multisampled sound events was for ‘variety’. However, providing a way to directly index a multisampled group allows for uses where more information is conveyed by playing a selected member of the group.

David Thiel

This should be API supports indexed multi instrument playback.
An index property can be set for a sound event that has a multi instrument bank.
There are good reasons for this:
Simplifies the name space for the programmer. BigSoundEvent (which has 10 progressive variations) is just that BigSoundEvent. When invoked the Index property is set to N where N is 0-9 (or 1-10) and BigSoundEvent plays the correct instance.

Additionally for events set for linear access Index should be able to be set to the top of the list by the programmer. Then in some circumstances they can access the progressive range of sounds from the events without having to manipulate the Index property.

If a sound events’s index is set beyond its range, nothing is selected, no sound.

The current alternative is exposing every element of a multi instrument’s sound as a discrete sound event and instructing the programmer to build some kind a array to store the sound event names. Any time you need that it is slower to get implemented than just shoot me the event’s index and the right sound will be invoked.

I can’t be the only one requesting this… can I?

If you want to programmatically control which asset gets used in your event then I would recommend using programmer instruments. If you want to use a bundled set of assets to choose from you could also use audio tables with the programmer instruments.



The current alternative to being able to choose a specific playlist entry is to actually place all assets horizontally along a parameter. You can then use the SetParameter() function to set the “index” you are wanting to use.