Is there a way to load an index of the .wav files in an event?

I’m wanting to use this to display the name of the file or an index that can reference a name of a file within an event that has multiple audio files within it.

Usually the unit of work with the Studio runtime is an event, the sound files that go into the event are usually of little consequence at runtime. If you want some visibility into what is playing you could try the following:

Register for a callback against an event instance, i.e. FMOD::Studio::EventInstance::setCallback. Register for FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK_SOUND_PLAYED and when it fires you’ll receive an FMOD::Sound object that has been played. From that FMOD::Sound you can call Sound::getName and if the banks are built with names you’ll see them.

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Well, my main goal is to display the name of the file (song name) so the UI can grab the text and display the song name on the music player. There’s no way to do that using blueprints?

So there’s nowhere that FMOD indexs the files in an event? That way I could just do an array that points to 00,01,02 and so on and we can assign names to those index numbers…

If you control the content you could add the song name to the event via a user property. However you’ll need to use code to retrieve these things.


I have about 16 tracks in each event, I’d be able to add all of these via a user property? How will it know the difference between the tracks playings within the event? (MultiSound Module)

If you want to manipulate each of several sound files independently, you’d be better off creating one event for each of them instead of putting them all into one multisound module. Multi sound modules are designed on the assumption that it doesn’t matter to you which item in the playlist plays as long as one of them does; In this case, where you want to keep careful track of which audio file is playing at any given time, multi sound modules are not the appropriate tool. (If you’d prefer not to create separate events for each of your sound files, you might want to look into programmer sound modules.)

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Thanks for the help guys! I got it working :slight_smile:

The reason I’m doing it this way, is that I’m trying to set up different “radio stations” that have DJ’s who choose music based off of in-game activities. So I have the multi-sound modules broken out into different categories with a handful of songs in each one. Then i’m using markers and parameters to drive how and what multi-sound modules are selected.

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