FadeOut on Scene Change

I’m trying to fade out my music track (ambientSoundTrackTwo), which is spawned by an AudioControl script, as soon as a new scene is loaded. I’ve written the following code on my AudioControl.cs, but it doesn’t seem to be working:

void OnDestroy()
		ambientSoundTrackTwo.stop (FMOD.Studio.STOP_MODE.ALLOWFADEOUT);
		Debug.Log ("Close Scene");

The Debug message is printed on the Console when the scene closes, though, so I guess the OnDestroy function is working.

Any ideas?


If by not working you mean it stops without fading out: have you added an AHDSR to the fader on the master track?

Yes, I have added an AHDSR to the master track. The fade-out is working when I preview it on the FMOD Editor by holding the stop button, so I reckon there’s something wrong in my code.
Also, on Unity, if I preview the event on the Inspector window, as I press Stop, it doesn’t fade out. I’m not sure if that “stop” command is the same as the Non-Immediate Stop available on the Fmod Editor.

I guess maybe the problem is that the FMOD_Listener, which is attached as a component in the Camera Prefab, is being destroyed and spawned back again. Any ideas on how to avoid this?

Ok, just found out the solution to this… It was quite simple actually…

I just had to call the “DontDestroyOnLoad” function on the FMOD_Listener script, so it wouldn’t be destroyed between scene changes.

void Awake()
		DontDestroyOnLoad (this);
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