Fading out FMOD audio in sequencer

Hello, we are currently in the process of replacing all our unreal sound cues with FMOD events, and we would like to ask if there are any updates on the way in regardless to sequencer?

For instance, we would like to fade in and out different audio tracks like you can with unreal sound cues, but we couldn’t find an option for this in the sequencer. Do we need to add a volume parameter to all our FMOD events to do this or could the volume be exposed to sequencer by default for all FMOD events?

Here’s the options unreal exposes to a sound cue by default:

One other minor request would be to show a preview of the audio levels in the sequencer, similar to how sound cues are shown, as this really makes it easier to match audio to the sequence.

Any info or advice would be appreciated!

Many thanks,
Luke @ Stellar

I also need this function!
As an alternative, I tried to make an FMOD event, including a “snapshot instrument”.
When that snapshot has intensity ADHSR modulation value, it didn’t work at all.
So I set an volume ADHSR modulation to the snapshot instrument,
fading in(attack) is working when the Unreal sequence is played, but fading out (release) is stopped in the middle of.

I want to control mixer volume easily on the Unreal sequencer
Hoping anyone share better idea, Thank you.

There currently isn’t a way to add manual fades for events in the Unreal sequencer, however you can add a parameter to automate the master track’s volume and then automate that parameter in the sequencer.

I’ve added a feature request to our tracker to allow fades or automating the event’s volume in the sequencer directly.