FADPCM format causes crashes (1.06.04)

I have random crashes on device (iPhone 6, iOS 8.2) with latest Unity 4 (4.6.6f2) with FMOD unity integration 1.06.04 when using FADPCM format. See image attached.

The problem is caused by simple Streaming sound (music) playing in the background. It plays fine for a while but random crash can occur at any time even when I don’t call any FMOD function from unity.

This does not happen when using PCM format.

UPDATE: Testing with device, this crash is only caused by events with STREAM flag set in FMOD studio and using FADPCM.

Image of xcode debug:

Could you provide a simple example that reproduces this crash to support@fmod.org?

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This crash has been fixed for our next release (1.06.07).