One single event cause audio crash on iOS

Hello, I have a problem with a single Fmod event on iOS: During session in Unity editor everything is wroking just fine but, after deploying the project on iOS devices, the intro sound breaks after a couple of seconds and then, I cannot hear any audio anymore.
After pausing the app in background and resuming it, I can hear all audio again, starting from the one that breaks at the beginning (even if that StudioEventEmitter is in different scene).
That sound continues for all its duration, mixing itself with everything we have in the current scene. If we don’t play that single emitter at the beginning of the game, everything else is fine.
I thought that was caused by an .mp3 put into an event, but I’ve tried .wav and .aiff and nothing changed.
Any suggestion?


What version of FMOD are you using? Could you upload the audio file that is causing the crash on either your profile or you can DM me?

Is it possible to get any debug logs on an IOS device when a crash happens? Or is it possible to connect Live Update (Unity Integration | User Guide) and run a profiler session (FMOD Studio | Profiling) focusing on the API Calls View (FMOD Studio | Profiling) to see if there are any strange calls being made.