Failed to load executable if using FMOD 1.09.05

I’ve got an empty unity project which builds and runs on the switch both as an .nsp and .sln.

Unfortunately as soon as I integrate fmod the .nsp will no longer launch on the switch. The .sln created through unity works fine but the .nsp doesn’t even launch.

I can only assume this is a missing plugin issue but everything looks in the right place.

Any ideas on what I might be missing?

I’ve posted some more detailed information related to a potentially similar issue on the private Nintendo Developer support forums.

What’s the version of Unity you are currently on?

Unity Version: 5.5.0p1
FMOD Version: 1.09.05

I’ve managed to find a workaround to the issue.

I can create working nsp by exporting a vs 2015 project from unity, then create the nsp from within visual studio


I’m running through the exact same issue… game launch with the .sln build, ROM fail.

Is the FMOD Switch plugin built with 1.6.0 SDK? (This is the current SDK version of Unity for Nintendo Switch).

Meanwhile, I’ll give a try to the solution build…

A quick search on the Nintendo forum shows that we’re quite a lot of users experiencing the trouble… I hope the support can check it asap.

The FMOD libs are built against 0.12.17 to match the 0.6.4 Unity for Switch package. There is also a 1.0.1 Unity for Switch which would require us to build against 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6. There is also a 1.1.0 Unity for Switch requiring 1.6. If you aren’t using SDK 0.12.17 please contact to get a private version. The matrix of versions is making things quite complicated so while we settle on the best way to deliver versions please let us know exactly what you need by e-mail.