Failed to set initial parameter

On a music event, there are several global parameters attached. It seems like each of them is returning a warning saying that the initial parameter is not set.
The warning shows up in the output log when playing a level in Unreal editor as well as in a packaged build.

LogFMOD: Warning: Failed to set initial parameter ParameterName

I saw an old forum post from 2017 stating it was a bug, is it still a bug in 2022?

UE 4.27
Fmod Studio 2.02.05

We’re encountering the same issue. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s an issue that we’ve created. The spam FMOD logs are giving me is insane though, to the point where the game just crashes.

Update: It seems that in our case that it’s something very specific to our game and only our game, so I’m assuming it’s something we’ve caused. I uh… will investigate. I’m aware that this is like the most generic error, so it’s really hard to reverse engineer what went wrong.

This is a benign error due to the FMOD Audio Component trying to set Global Parameter values on the underlying Event Instance instead of the System. I have passed this onto the dev team to fix in a future release, in the meantime it is safe to ignore. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Hi! I can’t quite make heads or tails on this issue, but from what I understand is that it seems benign on Windows aside from the constant spam, but it seemingly is causing real issues on the latest MacOS which is what I’m using to develop. Aside from very few instances, it’s impossible to communicate with global parameters.

This is on the latest FMOD with the latest stable Unreal

If it’s flooding the logs to the point that it crashes then it seems there is an infinite loop /recursion in there. Does the issue reproduce on a fresh project with UE4.27 and FMOD 2.02.05?

After even more testing I might have to revert my crashing comments! Sorry about that. I think the crashing most likely was related to me being a complete amateur at Perforce, most likely not related to the log spam issue. Truly the only odd issue about this whole ordeal is it not communicating globally on MacOS (12.1). I have been able to reproduce this in an empty build but I’m going to double check right now.

Okay, after further sanity checking, this is exclusively happening in our game. So my suspicion that this is on our end is probably right.

I figured it out! And I think this issue definitely is on our end, not FMOD’s. Somehow in my blueprint dropdown there are two FMOD’s. One is the normal one found in Audio>FMOD and then there’s a zombie FMOD just in a category on its own.
Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 6.20.42 PM

This could have maybe been created because of me causing a bad upload on Perforce, or maybe this is some old code holdup from previous versions. As I’m not a programmer that’s all I can deduce here. Replacing the faulty global commands with the correct ones seems to just completely fix the issue on Mac, aside from log spam.

Thanks for being patient here and I apologize for the barage of messages.

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