Feature request: Add "Refresh" button to profiler list view

Let’s say you’re working as a duo, using git and FMOD Studio.

  • You both have FMOD Studio open, viewing the Profiler.
  • Your coworker adds a new profiler session, records a bit and pushes it to the git repo.
  • You pull the latest changes so you get the session files.
  • When you switch to FMOD Studio, the profiler sessions is not visible.
  • You restart FMOD Studio, and now you can see the session.

Would be nice if there were a “Refresh” button in the right-click menu here.

I’ve only tested this on Windows.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve added it to our internal feature/improvement tracker. The best workaround would be to use “File → Revert to Saved”, which is the quickest way to reopen the current project, and can be bound to hotkeys if desired under “Preferences → Shortcuts”.

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