Can´t save project with profiler data


I am currently running on FMOD Studio 1.10.19 on Windows 10 and I am prohibited from upgrading to the 2.X Versions for the current project.

Sadly I am getting an error message, whenever I want to save my current project with profiler data included. Is there any way to fix this?

The error message says: “Failed to write profiler session data for “New Session” to “E:/[Name]/[Folder]/[Folder]/[GameFolder]/[GametSubfolder]/[FMODProjectFolder]/.user/Profiler/Session/{1e2850df-5f0f-4d0c-9cb1-44c13213355b}/session.graphdata””.

I censored the path parts in brackets[] :wink:

I assume, that something is wrong with the path. I would appreciate any help with this :slight_smile:

It’s possible that you don’t have permissions to write to the .user/Profiler/Session/ folder. Right click on this folder and select Properties, ensuring that “Read Only” is unchecked.

Could you also open the console (Window > Console > Logging) before saving and see if any more error messages appear in there?

Thank you richard_simms! :slight_smile: The solution can be soooooo obvious. -_-

It was the permission to write to the folder. I unchecked read only and there we go - it saves properly. Thank you for the quick help! :slight_smile:

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