Feature Request: Command Instrument – stop only instance on same game object


The command instrument is really great, but it is a bit sad that you can only use it to stop all instances of an event. It would be fantastic if you could choose only to stop instances playing from the same game object as the command instrument (I do this working with Wwise all the time, but FMOD’s command instruments are easier to work with, so if this was added they would take the🥇)



I’ll raise this as a feature request, but I’m not entirely sure how this would work. The FMOD Studio system is pretty agnostic to the game world so it doesn’t really know what event is attached to what game object. If anything this would likely be an integration-level feature, but then again I’m not sure how the command instrument would know which events are to be stopped.

I would recommend using logic markers and callbacks in the meantime.

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Thank you Richard,
A shame that event instruments probably only can work on a global level, as they would be super powerful if you could use them on a game object level instead. That would help a lot in cases where the sound designer don’t have access to code and programmers are busy :slight_smile:

Hope that there is a solution :crossed_fingers: