Request: GameObject Based management

We are posting event on the GameObject, and we really need a way to control event just on one gameobject. For example, a player (Gameobject) is posting an event which is looping event (charging skill), and then he release to post another event and stop looping event. This another event has ability to stop looping event at first and then play sound. We cannot simply use stop command (which provided on fmod 2.0), because it seems that it will stop all events not the event on the Gameobject only. We will have more then one players play loop event at same time, but they will release at different time.

It is quite sample in Wwise, because it is gameobject based. We can have an option to stop the event on the posting gameobejct or all events.

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Just to chime in here and say that while I can understand the complexity of tracking individual instances of events, this really would be a very useful and valuable feature as it would achieve what would otherwise be a programming task. It could also be expanded upon to allow parameters to be set on specific instances of events.

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How are you triggering the events?

It is possible to control single events using either the FMOD Engine | Studio API Reference - Event Reference or the Unity Integration : Game Components - Studio Event Emitter.

If you are looking to control a single event with an FMOD Studio : Instrument Reference - Command Instrument unfortunately this is not their intended purpose.

I will pass on the suggestion to our development team to look into further. Thank you for the suggestion

By now, we are planning to trigger the event by using fmod api such as【RuntimeManager.CreateInstance(eventPath); then instance.start()】 or 【playOneShot】. However, we don’t plan to hold the instance every time. That’s why we need Gameobject based. We just need to use gameobject to track events on the gameobject and set paramter or do other things such as (stop previous event on this gameobject only).

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Thank you for the information. I will add it to the task.