Feature Request: Conditional Parameter ranges with Labeled Parameters


Excited to use the new Labeled Parameters. I noticed when adding a parameter condition based on a labeled parameter you can only choose one value as the condition. Like other parameter types, it would be great to be able to choose a range of values or be able to specify multiple values that aren’t necessarily consecutive.

Value 0 - Label: Left
Value 1 - Label: Right
Value 2 - Label: Up
Value 3 - Label: Down


  • I’d like to add a condition that triggers any time Left, Right, or Up values are met (Consecutive Range)
  • I’d like to add a condition that triggers when Left or Down is met (Non-consecutive values)

Being able to add multiple conditions for the same parameter would just be helpful overall. Would alleviate the need to have duplicate instruments purely so that you could trigger them based on different values from the same parameter.


This is a good idea and is already on our roadmap for a future release. This will be part of a bigger set of improvements we’re making for parameter conditions.

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bump on this one. I’m working on a surface system for footsteps as well as vehicle tyres with a lot of surface types involved.
To define value ranges for discrete or labeled parameter conditions would be a huge help

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Thanks for the comment, we are still working on improving this for users. It will be available in a future release.

It’s been brought to my attention that this is actually possible in FMOD Studio 2.01+.

By placing an instrument onto a value, then adding a trigger condition of OR to the other conditions that meet it, you can trigger the instrument if the parameter falls within any of these values. See the screenshot for example (instrument is placed on LEFT but is also triggered if DOWN is selected).

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This looks great Richard, thanks.

I foresee a case where you have a parameter with 100+ different labeled values, and being able to call out ranges instead of individual values would be wildly helpful. But until I hit that issue, this is a great solution.

Thanks again!