Feature Request : Pre/Post Build Commands

It would be nice to have pre and post-build command option we could run after builds are made. It would also be nice to have some tokens like $(PROJECT_PATH) to use in them so we could write project-relative post build scripts.

Thanks for sending through the request. What sorts of things would you be looking to run in these commands? It would be helpful to have a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve as we may be able to approach this differently for Studio.

If we want to copy the bank files somewhere else after building, for example.

There are a couple features we’re currently working on that might help - specifying a build directory for banks, and well as a command-line tool for building projects. Both of these will be available in the next release (May 17).

My goal would be to that the sound designers can click ‘build’ and then immediately see the changes in the editor or running game.

Currently I parse the project xml to build an xml file to extract information like the parameter names, the path of the banks to be loaded, and then copy the banks and these xml files over to the build directory. I also need to send a network event to the consoles so they will reload the assets. So even though live editing doesn’t support adding assets to events yet, I may be able to get a reasonable facsimile by reloading the banks as the game is running.

These secondary steps are currently performed by a batch file.

Any chance of getting a build output directory argument in the command line tool any time soon?

Hi shand,

Just wondering if you’ve tried setting the “Built banks output directory” from the tool? You can access this via the Preferences window, under the Build tab. This directory will is used for command line builds as well.