FMOD Studio settings and compile options

We are looking into integrating FMOD to our engine and I have a couple of questions regarding FMOD Studio.

Is there any documentation of the content and structure of the settings (XML) files used by Studio ?. If not, then that is something I would like to be documented as I need to generate/compile runtime data to our engine (in addition to the produced .bank files).

Is there any way of adding compile steps into Studio ?. The only thing I have found is that you can set a custom data folder and export GUIDS.


Just to clarify, are you after documentation for the xml files that defines a Studio project (e.g. .event, .fspro, .mixer, .input, etc)? There is no documentation for that at the moment. Would you be able to provide more information on the sort of data you are planning to generate from the xml files?

Currently, the recommended approach for adding pre or post build step is via our scripting functionality. The scripting functionality is enabled by adding a scripts.js file to the project directory (where the fspro is located).

An example of script that adds a post build step looks something like this:

// add a new menu item "Build and Copy" to the "Scripts" menubar and assign "Ctrl+Alt+Q" as the shortcut (or Alt+Command+Q on Mac OSX)
menu.addItem("Build and Copy", "Ctrl+Alt+Q", function() {; // trigger project building
	try {
		// trigger buildAndCopy and exit process if time taken > 200000ms	
		system.start("/Users/studio/Desktop/FMOD Studio/examples/buildAndCopy.command", { timeout: 200000 }); 
	catch(err) {
		// display dialog for if failed to start buildAndCopy	
		system.message("Failed to run /Users/studio/Desktop/FMOD Studio/examples/buildAndCopy.command");