Feature Request: Render master

Well, since FMOD with the release of 1.08 suddenly became a very VERY convenient sound-designing tool I have a feature request: be able to export the master audio from an event as an audio-file.

Two reasons for this: first off, sound designing with FMOD is extremely awesome and with the release of 1.08 I no longer sound design with my DAW but directly in FMOD. On occasion I end up with an event that I keep thinking that DAMN, I need to be able to export this as an audio-file. I’m sure there’s a workaround for this otherwise but a straight export like the replace audio but for the master on that particular event would be so much easier.

The second reason is of course to further manipulate said event but lesser resources involved.
Because honestly, with FMOD and soundly the only time I use my DAW for sound design these days is when I need some midi instruments (or when recording vocals and raw assets).

Traditionally, we’ve avoided adding any “export event as audio file” feature to FMOD Studio for a number of reasons - but times have changed. I’ve added this feature to our feature tracker; It’ll be evaluated and potentially scheduled for development at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.