Feature Request2

I would love to see an option to set all parameters to their default value. This would save oodles of time when testing logic.

What would be the true Kingdinger however is if there were an Exclusive SIMULATION MODE that can hijack the playhead and exposed parameters to track changes in realtime across multiple events or better, events indicated by the user to better understand a projects logic.

I realise the profiler shows realtime parameters changing but its not the same as having them react in realtime on the events themselves with the playhead also being tracked. That would be wonderful! Not sure i should post in this group though?

Thank you FMOD!

In the sandbox window, when you drag an event into a sandbox scene to create an instance of that event, the new instance’s parameters are set to their initial values.

In the event editor window, you can reset a single parameter to its initial value by double-clicking on its value in the transport bar.

That being said, I can definitely see how it would be useful to have an easy way to set all of an event’s parameters to their initial values in the event editor window, and of resetting all of an event instance’s parameters to their initial values in the sandbox window. I’ll add your suggestion to our feature/improvement tracker.

We haven’t implemented this feature for two reasons.

The first is that events can be instanced. Any event in your project could be used multiple times in your game, each individual instance starting at a different time, being fed different parameter values, and generating different random behavior, meaning that there is no way for FMOD to automatically detect which of these instances you would most want to see in the event editor. Instances are generally identified by IDs that aren’t human-readable, meaning that there is no good way to communicate which of the playing event instances is being displayed. Instances can also start and end frequently and unpredictably, meaning that there is also no useful way to let you to select an instance to play in real time.

The second is that the event editor window is a tool for editing events, and is geared to that purpose above all others. If we allowed the event editor window to display the state of an in-game event instance, it would compromise its function as a tool for editing and auditioning events.

If you want to view the parameter values of event instances, you can do so in the sandbox window or profiler window.

Yes i suspected as much though my particular project uses mainly global parameters and it was really with them i had this suggestion for, though after reading your explanation i imagine that would still be problematic.

Thank you for your response Joseph and handy to know about the double-clicking of parameters, i never knew that! By the way i have around 25 global parameters that require resetting each time i want to setup my scenes initial state, hence my proposal.