How can I update a .fsb file to a .bank file?

I need to upgrade the old version of .fsb files to the new version of .bank files and use them in version 4.27 of UE4.


Unfortunately, you cannot update the files. Banks can only be built from FMOD Studio.

Thank you for your reply. So can I use the new Core API to read the file contents of .fev?

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Unfortunately, not. You can access .fsb files, but not .fev files.

If you have access to the designer project then you could migrate the project with FMOD Studio: FMOD Studio | Advanced Topics - Migration FMOD Studio Projects.

Apologies for not mentioning this before.

Unfortunately, I lost my FMOD designer project file, and I only hold .fev and .fsb files for that project. Is there any way to get the new .bank file from these old versions? Based on the Info information of Events in UE4, can I rebuild the project in FMOD studio if I get the parameters and properties of events in .fev? Can you tell me what the data structure of the User properties saved in the .fev file is and how could I read them?

Unfortunately, there is not.


Unfortunately, this will not be possible.

Apologies I cannot assist further.