FFMODLocalizedBankTable::Banks is not initialized properly (nullptr already set)


My query is very ergent…

I already did the two edits following this guide: ObjectProperty FFMODLocalizedBankTable::Banks is not initialized properly error (not using localization at all) [UE5] - #2 by HeavyAsStone

Even though the Bank is a nullptr, Unreal still says it is not initialized properly when building.

I really hope someone can help us!

Is it causing any problems? It should still build even with a warning. The thread you linked was when it was throwing a full-on error preventing successful build.

Just building it through.

You are totally right, warnings shouldn’t be a problem. Only error.

We always dismissed after the warning message because at first it didn’t build. But then we went through with the fix on the linkes page (nullptr and false), had the same warning when building and always dismissed because nothing changed.

I am currently building and so far not getting any errors. Thanks again and I keep this post updated after the build hits an error or finishes!

Just build it. The build says:
Plugin ‘FMODStudio’ failed to load because module ‘FMODStudio’ could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider diabling the plugin for this project.

Than it closes itself.


When you created the project, was it blueprint only or C++? It is a known issue that attempting to build with a blueprint-only project will throw this error. A solution to the problem can be found under Unreal Integration | Troubleshooting.

Thank you for your reply!

It actually was that problem, yes. After finding out about that we activated C++ and everything worked!

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