ffmpegsumo.dll error in FMOD Studio 1.08

I’ve noticed these errors appear on console log upon launch after an upgrade to 1.08:

14:39:50 Error loading plugin C:/Program Files/FMOD SoundSystem/FMOD Studio 1.08.00/Plugins/qtwebengine/ffmpegsumo.dll: Error loading file.

14:39:50 fmod_systemi.cpp(2705), SystemI::init(): Output requires a sample rate of 44100Hz, resampling will occur.

Seems to happen with every startup.

What are these errors from? How can I clear the issue?

Running: 1.08, 64bit , Build #73609
Windows 10


Hi Alec,

The first error is benign. In Studio 1.08 we introduced the FMOD IO integration which relies on the ffmpegsumo.dll and unfortunately at the moment due to technical reason, the dll has to be located in the Studio’s dsp plugin folder. Studio attempts to load the dll which is not a dsp plugin which resulted in the error. We will look into changing the dsp plugin loading mechanism to ignore the specific dll.

The second warning is due to the difference in the output mode specified on your system and what Studio outputs. Studio by default output audio at a sample rate of 48000Hz and if your audio device is set to anything different, a resampling would be required for Studio to match your device. A simple way to address this would be to change your device output quality.

Great! Thank you.