[Steam audio] Error loading Phonon.dll plugin

We are trying to use steam audio spatialiser for our project but seem to be unable to load the plug in on Fmod Studio 1.10.10.
Already copied following files into the project plugins folder: phonon.dll, phonon_fmod.dll, phonon_fmod.plugin.js
The plugin looks fine but produces no audio: 15:15:02 fmod_pluginfactory.cpp(583), PluginFactory::loadPlugin(): No FMOD symbols found in dynamic library ‘D:/Game Dev/Project name/Assets/Fmod-RON/Plugins/phonon.dll’
15:15:02 Error loading plugin D:/Game Dev/Project name/Assets/Fmod-RON/Plugins/phonon.dll: Error loading file.
Using x64 version of a plugin. Log.txt (4.7 KB) Full logs here attached.

This means that it is not a plugin that FMOD recognizes, make sure you are using the correct plugin files from https://valvesoftware.github.io/steam-audio/downloads.html.