Fmod and Source Control

(Kevin Kuegler) #1


we’re using Fmod for Unity and Git as a source control solution.
The Fmod plugin however gives us headache since it, like unity, creates temporary files(Logs and such) and it bloats our commits. Since I’m not directly involved into the audio process, I’d like to know which folder fmod generates and which filetypes(if there are any specific to these temporary files) it uses, so we can ignore them when uploading new features to the git server.


Kevin Kuegler

(Nicholas Wilcox) #2

The logs obviously don’t need to be under source control. Assets/FMODStudioCache.asset is optional, syncing it may help Editor startup times. Everything else is required.

(Kevin Kuegler) #3

Thank you very much. I was wondering about the .cache and Build folder. Are these two really required?

(Thuan Seah Tan) #4


Any folders in the FMOD project that starts with a “.” (e.g. .cache, .restore, .user, etc) can be excluded from the source control. As for the Build folder, that depends on your workflow. Some team might include it if the designers are responsible for building and updating the banks (assuming that’s where you are outputting your built banks to) whereas some might have a automated system that handles the building of banks and check in. In the latter case, the designers can exclude the build folder from check in.

(Johannes Deml) #5

For anyone who finds this thread, here is a gitignore example for a Unity project in which the Studio project is included in the repo (In the root folder FMOD):