Is it necessary to push the .cache FMOD studio files to git?

There are a lot of objects in that folder and I assume it’s for other designers working together faster?

Just wondering if the folder can safely be ignored without conflicts between designers.



Yes, it is safe to ignore any of the hidden folders. We have documentation outlining using source control here: FMOD Studio | Using Source Control - Removing Hidden Folders.

Hope this helps!

Missed that one, thanks!

Maybe it’s worth mentioning that I was reading the Unity Integration and it does not mention anything regarding those hidden folders.

So maybe the Integration Setup Wizard should mention that while it is asking the user to add all the other lines to their .gitignore?

Anyhow, this is awesome, saves us 300 MB and 3k files :sweat_smile:

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I will add a task to update those docs. Thank you for the suggestion.