Git and Fmod files... What to do with them?

Collaborating in a project with Fmod Studio and Unity, i encounter a lot of merge conflicts in Git for files that come from FMOD.
meta-files (like \Fmod\Metadata\Snapshot.meta)

My team is also annoyed by them causing merge conflicts in Git.
What am i to do with this?
Thanks for any help

Did you create your repository as described in the Adding Your Project to a Repository section of the Using Source Control chapter of the FMOD Studio User Manual, and the Using Source Control section of the User Guide chapter of the Unity Integration documentation? These sections specify that certain files should be excluded from your source control repository, as they are user-specific; failing to exclude these files results in the merge conflicts you have been experiencing.

Hey Joseph, thank you for your help!
Yes, in part i have. In a gitignore-file, i had specified the following to be excluded:

I had done that weeks ago, but the files keep showing up in Git merge conflicts.
Don’t understand why.

Now after reading the links you provided, i have also added:

However, .user-folders weren’t the problem, it was FMODStudioCache.asset and fmod_editor.log who kept showing up in git merge conflicts. So i don’t think this will have solved the issue.

Also, what i don’t understand is files like these showing up in merge conflicts:

MixerView.meta should not appear in your prject. If it is present, it usually indicates that you have placed your entire FMOD Studio project into your Unity project’s assets directory. As described in the Storing FMOD Studio Source Files in Your Unity Project section of the Unity Integration User Guide, placing your entire FMOD Studio project into your Unity project’s assets directory is not recommended, as it bloats your project and results in errors such as this one.

As i mentioned above, FMODStudioCache.asset and fmod_editor.log are listed as files that should be excluded from your repository in the Using Source Control section of the Unity Integration User Guide. If they are still showing up in merge conflicts after you have added them to the list of files to be ignored by Git, the issue is likely in your team’s use of Git, rather than in FMOD.

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