Fmod and Unreal

Hey everyone! I’m having a little trouble implementing sounds in Unreal Engine. If you could help me I would appreciate it a lot! What is happening is that I add an fmod event to an object, and they are suppose to be triggered when the player overlaps them. That works fine, and every time, the issue is that while the game is playing, some sounds just play randomly, without even being triggered by the overlap component. And usually, much louder than its supposed too. I did found some stuff, like it could be that the data samples are not pre loaded so FMOD is only loading them on call, which will make the delay if the buffer size is not adjusted. I did activated the load all sample data, but it still does the same thing. I’ve seen about preloading it via blueprint, but cant find anything about (probably just what Im doing already). The game is like a 2d one direction game, the player is the only object that enters the items area. For example, when the player passes through some coins, it plays normally, but then a bit after, the sounds of other pick up items, that are not even there sometimes, or the same coins even, play out of nowhere. I’ve notice that it just seems to do this with pick up items, cause the player sounds are normal. Does anyone has an idea?

That could be that the sound is auto-played when spawned, without having the right parameters. Post some screenshots of your implementation.

Hi, no its not that, because thats not enabled, and that case would be if they played right at the beginning, but it just plays in the middle of the game randomly, mostly when other sounds were played. Here it is, it’s just a simple play event attached, and I’ve check it the object box collision size was the problem, and it is not

I can see you don’t check if the actor responsible of the collision is the one you want before spawning the sound. Maybe is there some collision you don’t expect?

That would be weird, because the game is like geometry dash, its a one way game, and there is only the player moving, so there is no other actors.