Random sample start time?

Is it just me or do samples seem to start at slightly random times in playback? And due to this, does anyone else quite regularly experience pops? I don’t imagine this is to do with RAM or anything as Fmod seems very lightweight and I’ve got a fairly high spec PC.

I’ve been messing about trying to get everything sounding clean for ages only to find that I can’t really recreate this problem when playing the events in UE4. Is it to do with compression? And if so, are there any settings I can teak to alleviate this os I can get back to designing sounds rather than spending my time trying to get rid of pops?

Are you saying that this issue only occurs when you are using the FMOD Studio application and not when in-game?

Could you provide a screenshot of the event this happens in? It’s possible that what is being displayed on screen is too much and causing slowdown.

Also, please check the logs (Window > Console > Logging) and see if any errors are being thrown when playing the event in question.

Just following up to see if you’re still having issues with samples starting at random times?