FMOD and version control/deployment

I’m planning on using FMOD in a game that will target several platforms. I’m at the stage where I need to decide how my project will use FMOD. Specifically, where do I put FMOD libraries.

I’ve thought of two options:

  1. Put all FMOD libraries (production + logging for macOS, Windows, Linux - so 6 libraries) in the game’s Git repository (or a submodule to prevent the game’s repo from getting too bloated).
  2. Require each developer (currently just me, but I will be developing on three different platforms) to set some kind of build flag that points to the location of FMOD libraries (e.g. somewhere on the system outside of the project) before building the game.

I’m curious how other people handle this. Do either of these options sound good? Are there any better approaches to this?

Normally, if you were wanting to have multiple developers across multiple machines it would be better to add the libs to your source control. This would remove the need to manually maintain them on the individual machines.