FMOD - Async Playback Bleed Bug

Having bleed from a multi-instrument when approaching a loop region end can actually make it much more dynamic and procedural over long periods of time.

Unfortunately there seems to be some sort of bug where if, for some reason, the multi-instrument region has a fade in, once it hits the loop region wall it will stop it from playing or “bleeding” over…

Strangely enough, if it doesn’t have such “fade in” then it works as intended and keeps playing on its own “async timeline” until it stops.

Video Example:

Is this a known bug or is it by design behavior? I know I can, as a workaround, put an AHDSR on the instrument and set the fade in there instead of on the region, but still… It doesn’t seem like it should just stop on the first example.

This is the intended behaviour. The fade-in and fade-out curves of an instrument function as automation curves, and extend invisibly beyond the bounds of the instrument’s trigger region. As the fade-in curve goes to -oo dB at the left extreme of the trigger region, that is the attenuation that is applied to the instrument if the playback position is to the left of the instrument.

If you want a fade-in or fade-out that is not dependent on playback position, you are correct that AHDSR modulators are the best alternative.

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