Events do not show up in FMOD Studio Event Emitter

Using a new project, I followed the tutorial but in Unity no events show up in the search window in FMOD Studio Event Emitter. If I click the search hourglass there are two folders, events and snapshots, but nothing under them.

Under Assets/Plugins/FMOD/Resources/FMODStudioSettings.asset I have source type FMOD Studio project, the Studio Project Path is set to the path of the fspro I created, import type is Streaming Assets. FMOD Bank Sub Folder is empty.

In FMOD Studio itself I have two events and can play them both. The wave files are located in FMod//Assets.

In FMOD Studio I clicked validate project and there were no errors. Under Preferences / Build Build Banks output directory is empty, not sure if I’m supposed to fill that out.

In FMOD Studio I clicked build all platforms and it seems to have completed, although super fast so I’m not sure anything happened.

In my game I have Assets/StreamingAssets I’m using for something else. Nothing for FMOD there, not sure if there should be.


What version of FMOD are you using? Could I get a link to the tutorial that you watched?

Could I get a screenshot of your Unity FMOD Settings?

If you change the Source Type to Single Platform Build and point it towards the Desktop banks folder are you able to see any events?

As there are only 2 events it will be very fast. We have been discussing changing this, I will note your comment.

You do not want to put any FMOD Files in the StreamingAssets folder as it can cause unexpected behavior.