erro:This project contains items with duplicate paths


i put some same name event in deffrent folders assign to one bank


→vaildate project →build(F7)

an erro occur————
This project contains items with duplicate paths:
event:/Buff_AttackBy - {7236d1c1-fe21-4392-a75a-23d706cd6727} {64cad116-80e4-4c4b-8f27-af239a58138f} {5271e4a9-b043-40bf-a680-870678aaa98c} {f22e2e82-7a9c-4aac-b18b-9afeaf139395} {0c333c44-aedb-4552-8ddd-f2743a870e65}

Which version of FMOD Studio are you using? A bug was present in certain older versions that caused validating the project to remove all folders from your events’ paths, resulting in this error. More recent versions of FMOD Studio include a fix for this issue, so upgrading to the most recent version of FMOD Studio within your current branch (2.01.22 or 2.02.13), then re-validating and re-building your project should fix the issue.