Old events and folders still showing up in the Unity Event browser

I originally had several events in one folder, I then added sub folders and organized my events in those. I also deleted some old sub folders. Several of the events still show up in their old locations when I look at the event browser in Unity. They aren’t valid, if I try to play them in the event browser or assign them to event emitters they don’t make any sound. The events also show up in their new locations. They seem harmless but they’re messy.

I have Built for all platforms. I have Exported GUIDs(this seems to have solved a similar problem for another user on this forum but doesn’t work for me) I have refreshed the banks in Unity. I have deleted the bank and re-created it. I have deleted and re-created the event. I have created a new event in the offending location with the same name, built the banks. Deleted that new event, then re-built the banks. Nothing will get rid of these cockroaches!

This image shows some of the difference between what I have in Unity’s event browser and FMOD studio Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 11.23.30 PM

Can you try deleting the FMODStudioCache.asset file and then refreshing the banks? It works for me in the very rare cases when the events won’t refresh.

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This worked! Thank you :smile: