FMOD Designer 2010 and Event Viewer Help - custom parameters

Hey, I have a few questions relating to the image below, that I have not been able to answer looking through the FMOD Designer 2010 user manual.

I think the names (‘loop_param’, ‘planet_horizon’ and ‘view_frustum_distance’) in the red box are custom parameters attached to sound events. Firstly, is that correct?

The second question I have is how can I add these ‘custom parameters’ (if that is indeed the term) to new sound events?



Still stuck on this problem sadly. I have looked through the 400 page document attached to FMOD Designer 2010, but can’t see anything about this?

  1. They are called parameters, as I thought.

  2. In order to add them you must in FMOD Designer open the ‘Events’ (groups) tab, add a ‘Multi-Track Event’. Above the layer box it will say ‘(Right-click here to add an event parameter)’. Several options for different parameters will appear in a drop-down box.