Fmod Designer, green S versus red C icon?

I am trying to re-edit a Crysis mod, and my old FMod fedited file still plays in game, but when I update it and rebuild it, it does not play in game.

I am noticing it might have something to do with the green S icon versus the red C icons I am seeing when I build or open my edited .fsb

What does the green S mean ?

edited. I just figured it out, the S is for single shot…
the C is Continuous ?

either way its not my issue, perhaps bit rate of my sounds ?
I see them in the sandbox 2 editor, but they dont play…

so my edits are being seen, just not played…

S is for Simple and C is for Complex. It just describes the type of sound event. Your issue would be related to something else.

yay, I think I need the older FMOD designer 1.7