FMOD Discord Server?

Hello there,

I am wondering if an FMOD discord server would be beneficial for the community. To be honest, I am quite surprised that one does not exist already (unless I have just failed to find it)! I’m not sure if I’m the guy to start one up, but I’m just looking to gauge/spark some interest I guess.

Hope everyone is well.


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I’m not aware of any unofficial FMOD discord server, there certainly isn’t an official one. If someone in the community was keen to set one up, that could be interesting but from an official support standpoint the forums or email (for licensed developers) is our preferred support avenue.

I’ve been interested in a Discord group as well. It doesn’t make as much sense for support—you really need searchable threads with headings and solutions for that—but I like the idea of discord for fast communication with a user base.

In the ASoundEffect server, there is an #fmod channel, although it’s not super active.