Godot 4 and FMOD integration - Best practice?

Hello everyone,

I learned FMOD while working as a part of a team that used Unity. I started developing as a solo dev using Godot. The last post regarding this was in 2022, I thought there may be new information since then:

  1. Are there any plans from FMOD to support Godot integration?

  2. For someone who is only just starting out as a programmer, what is the least complicated workaround?



An official Godot integration is something that we’re currently still tracking interest in - I’ve noted you as an interested party.

The least complicated workaround would be to one of the unofficial integrations. For example:


Hello! first post but wanted to reply as definitely one of those who would instantly use an official godot plugin. Currently using one of the aforementioned, and fighting with lacking docs and crashes


I’ve noted your interest internally!


GitHub - utopia-rise/fmod-gdextension: FMOD Studio integration and bindings for the Godot game engine
It’s supports Godot4.2,and I’m using it for my Godot project,too.But it’s 3D Emitter may has some problem with location refresh,you can solve it with some code.
Godot Fmod GdExtension (fmod-gdextension.readthedocs.io)
Offical Docs here~

I’m experiencing crashes on linux exports when testing on the steamdeck, although there are no issues on the windows builds.
I mainly make use of the low level api to play events as my game doesn’t require audio directionality so that could be why?

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You may be experiencing an issue with the unofficial integration code, in which case I cannot be of assistance. That said, assuming you do have the correct FMOD libs for Linux, and the integration supports it, if the integration has a logging level setting I would recommend setting it to “Log”, or otherwise using Debug_Initialize to do the same and see whether you receive any relevant logs from FMOD.

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Hi @Leah_FMOD, I’d like to be noted down as an interested party as well! :slight_smile: The unofficial versions are cool but I have a lot of issues for iOS and different versions of OS and stuff come with bugs and (as is expected for open source volentary work) support is slow.

Noted, thanks for the expression of interest.

Same for me! Please note me down as an expression of interest.

Yeah i imagine that’s case! thanks for the pointers :slight_smile: I’ve managed to resolve the issues on all platforms apart from steam deck.

I was wondering if there is any extra pointers you could share given the steam deck issue? I don’t fully understand the code myself nor whether this is fully implementation specific. The issue is only when exported to the steam deck, and it usually crashes the game when a play_one_shot is called, usually it crashes instantly, sometimes right after the sound is played, do you know whether there is anything specific to the steam deck platform that it’s doing differently?

Again I fully understand if not, and thank you for the responses so far! Also using FMOD has been just the best for game audio as well, can’t believe I hadn’t implemented it sooner now :sweat_smile:

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As far as I’m aware, the “play one shot” functionality in our integrations doesn’t do anything specific to the Steam Deck, so I suspect it’s an issue with the unofficial integration code, but beyond that I can’t offer anything conclusive.

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That’s plenty useful information, thanks!

Hello, please also put me down as an interested party, official fmod support for godot would be a tremendous help for the indie environment.

Noted, thanks.

Hello there. I would also like to be listed as an interested party, official godot support would be absolutely fantastic.

Noted, thank you!

I’m very interested in an official plugin as well! Especially to use 3d audio features like occlusion. I’ll use utopia-rise’s plugin for now since that seems to have the most eyes on it, but the various issues folks seem to have with the plugin are worrisome.

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I’m also interested! I just attended the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and many people on the godot team and people considering using Godot expressed a lot of interest in using Fmod in Godot and sad that there’s no official support.

A lot of audio heavy people are concerned with using Godot because currently there are not a lot of contributors in the audio portion of the engine, although there is still work being done. Definitely having official Fmod support will enrich that portion of the engine that needs the attention.


Hi! I’m also really interested in it, I want to be listed as and interested party too