FMOD 'Editor' vs 'Standalone Game' help!

Hey guys, something weird happen in my game hope you can help.

If I play my game from the EDITOR, FMOD sounds work fine and it’s ok. If I package the game, the same it works fine.
The issue is, If I play the game from ‘Standalone Game’ the sound of my vehicle for example spawns at Location 0 in the maps and not on my vehicle, do someone know why this happen? Really…I have no idea, thanks!!!

ps.I’m using UE4.25 source code

I’ve just tracked this down as we were struggling with it as well. It appears to be related to a change inside FFMODStudioModule::UpdateListeners() that stops the listener’s positions being updated in standalone. I’ve managed to work around it locally by making the following change:

Hopefully someone will get back to us soon with an official fix.

Are you seeing any errors or warnings in the output log at all?

The change you mention is inside a ‘#if WITH_EDITOR’ and should not be running in a built game.

Hi Cameron.

There seems to be some confusion here. Standalone isn’t a built game, it’s an alternative way of launching an editor build without the editor. You can do this in various ways such as right clicking the .uproject file and selecting “launch game,” choosing standalone from the “Play” dropdown in the editor or supply the parameter -game on the commandline.

This is an essential work flow if you are doing any work with streaming, seamless travel or online as these features don’t work in the same way in the editor.

Hope that clears it up.

Ah yes, my mistake, sorry for the confusion.

I was able to reproduce the issue and the solution @threefields mentioned above does indeed fix it. I’ll see if we can get this fix added in soon.

thanks dude!!! sorry for the late reply you nailed it! :smiley: