FMOD Event Won't Build

Hi FMOD Forums!

I have been have a long term issue with FMOD refusing to build our game’s music track in Unreal. Here’s a screenshot:

As you can see in the screenshot, the actual event is fairly complex with a number of parameters. The event on the left cannot play and none of the parameters show up. All the other events build well. If I build, close unreal, and opening the editor back up, the event is built fine.

This is issue is greatly effecting the efficiency in which I can mix our game. Help is much appreciated!

If you open the console (Windows > Console > Logging), do you notice any warnings or errors when you build your banks? Does Unreal have any errors in its logging when importing and loading the banks?

Are you able to load the banks into a different game engine (eg. Unity or the FMOD Studio API C++ examples) and load the event from there?