FMOD EventInstance along the length of a GameObject


I’m finding trouble with letting an instance play along the length of a gameobject, the audio plays only from a set location of the gameobject. This isn’t optimal since the gameobject is very long at times (it varies length between scenes).

My idea was to create a BoxCollider with the shape and length I want the EventInstance to take the transform from, but it still just plays the sound from one position.

I have tried some simple solutions with the Spatializer in FMOD Studio but it doesn’t really give me the result I’m searching for, it just “spreads” the audio around, I’m looking for a more focued application.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Currently event instances can only support having a spherical emitter around their positions. We are looking into making adjustments to this in the future but that will be in a major version update.

In the meantime, what you can do is look into splining the event emitter to only move along the length of the gameobject. Basically, the event emitter changes it’s position to be as close to the listener as possible, whilst remaining within the boundaries of the gameobject. This is more of a Unity/programming issue so I would suggest looking up some tutorials on splining and going from there.

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Thank you Richard!