How can I get sound to play alongside a long object in 3D space? So non-spherical falloff.

So I have a long object in UE4 and when I attach an FMOD component to it, the sound originates from the center of the object as a sphere. I would like the sound to play along the whole object instead.

Audio spheres

So the first picture is what the situation is right now and the second picture is what I want to do. Is it possible?


There are min and max settings inside FMOD in the Scatterer sound modules that will adjust the size of the sphere. As for the actual shape (creating an oval shape for example) that is something that can be done with UE4’s sound cues. Problem being, FMOD Audio events are not treated like Sound Cues in UE4… I’m actually in the process of trying to figure out exactly what you’re wanting to do. As far as I can tell, it all hinges on the ability to allow UE4 Sound Cue settings to be applied to FMOD Audio events.

Without that, FMOD users have no visual references for the min/max distances and it will always just show the default (in the first picture you showed above)

If you just create a sound cue without using FMOD, you should see setting that allow you to manipulate things like sphere shapes.

Am I understanding this correctly? Hopefully some of that info can help, I’m on some other threads for similar topics as well.

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Hi, thanks for the answer. I’ll have to check out the UE4 sound cues to see if that can help but I actually found someone asking the same question a year ago and it has an answer on how to do this in code. Though it might take some work to figure it out… Here’s the link:

There’s no way to do non-spherical falloff with FMOD Studio.

As a work around you can write code to find the closest point on a line (the major axis of your ellipse) to the listener and set the emitter position to that point.

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Non-spherical falloff, that’s the phrase I was looking for! I suspected that it’s not possible other than through code so I guess I’ll have to try that. Thanks!