FMOD Failed Packaging UE (No sound)

Hello, I’ve a problem packaging with Unreal + FMOD. There is no sound after packaging. I work on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3 with UE 4.17 and FMOD 1.10.00. I’ve installed the integration version 1.10.00 in the project. I’ve followed the deployment page on FMOD for ue.

I don’t use any plugins only fmod. In the editor everything seem so run fine…

I’ve moved the banks into the content folder of my ue project package. Project/Content/Build/Desktop

Also I tried to move the whole FMOD project to the project package.

I’m out of options and still have no clue what the could issue be…

It is best to keep the UE4 project and the FMOD Studio project separate.
To get the banks into the UE4 project, you should do the following:

  • Open the UE4 project
  • Open the FMOD Studio Project
  • In UE4, go to the Help menu
  • Select “Validate FMOD”
  • This will set the build directory in your FMOD Studio project and start a build.

The banks will be built into “Project/Content/FMOD/Desktop”.

Otherwise if you wish to change this, or do it manually, you will need to change the directory in the UE4 FMOD Integration settings to match.

Hi Cameron,

Thank you very much!!!

How simple could it be. I moved the FMOD project out of my UE project and everything seem to work.