UE Packaging FMOD banks outside .pak file

Hey guys, I’m having a weird issue with FMOD and I was hoping, that you could help me… I’m working on an android project developed trough Unreal. Recently we’ve switched to FMOD version 2.00.08 and now that I package the game, the FMOD gets packaged outside .pak file (which can be found in .obb file) causing our application to not find relevant bank file and crash on startup. I’ve checked the settings but they are the same as while using the previous version, which was packaging FMOD’s banks correctly inside the .pak file. Do you have any suggestions what might have caused this and/or how do I make it package inside the .pak file?

This was changed in 1.10.16 & 2.00.04 to avoid the rare occurrence of deadlocks. You can change this in the packaging settings of the project but we do not recommend it.

As for the project not finding the banks, I have raised a task to look into this further.
What version of UE4 are you currently using?

Thanks for the reply. The problem occoured after switching to UE 4.23.1 from previously used 4.22.3

Hi, I just came across this thread after noticing that FMOD gets packed outside of the .pak files. Do you know if this issue exist using FMOD 2.00.09 using UE4 4.22.3. I would like to keep the FMOD folder inside of the .pak file.


You can manually change the settings to have the FMOD banks in the pak file, it just isn’t recommended because of the occurrence of possible deadlocks.