FMOD for nintendo switch

Just looking for some advice / things to consider when making sure the fmod build works well on nintendo switch (as well as PC)

Someone mentioned to me that the FMOD build needs to be more optimized.

What exactly does optimization of FMOD entail? Other than what I assume to be using as few .wavs and events as possible.

Do instances of sounds, and also voices come into this?



This is quite a broad subject as there are many things you can do to optimize your FMOD Project. The Studio Profiler is a fantastic tool for testing optimization. Steps for setting up the Profiler is under FMOD Studio | Profiling. As long as you are mindful of memory management when using the FMOD Integration you should be fine. Revisiting the Profiler often is always a good idea.

Hope this help!

One thing I learned is that keeping as many of your audio files in mono as possible is a huge saver on both memory and performance, specifically for the Switch. The game I’m on now is also experimenting with setting the Switch’s sample rate at 36kHz instead of 48kHz (a firm with a good record of Switch ports recommended that and it seems to be working pretty well so far!).

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Thanks conner. Thats great guidance. I will definately be testing in the profiler as I go to ensure omptimization.

This is a great idea to loswer the sample rate for the switch. Is there an option for this in FMOD, or would I need to re-bounce all the audio at 36Hz?

If you go into Edit > Preferences, then go to the Build tab, you’ll see that you can change compression settings, surround sound mode, sample rate settings & other cool things for each individual console.

I think the conversion occurs when building banks. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!

Oh awesome! thanks so much