On average, How much CPU and Memory should an FMOD build be using in a large scope game?

Sorry if this is a silly question. I want to make sure my FMOD build is running efficiently on PC and on Switch.

I’d like to know, around what ballpark of CPU and Memory would an optimized FMOD session be using for a Game with a large scope?

  1. On PC

  2. On Switch

There are a lot of contributing factors, but generally speaking I would expect low amounts of audio activity to sit lower than 5% CPU and high activity to peak around 25%. For memory, as long as it’s well under the hardware maximum and I’m not seeing it approach infinity (inidicating a potential leak) I wouldn’t be concerned.
We have Performance References for each platform which will give you a more precise answer, as well as tips for optimization. The Switch Performance Reference is avaiable with the docs in the Switch API download as we cannnot post it publicly.

Thanks Jeff!

Is that available online somewhere, or do you get it when nintendo send it to you? lol

That will be available to you on our Downloads page after you register a project with us and verify the Nintendo Switch platform in the Permissions section.

Ah I see. I guess I will do that when we get the nintendo dev kit. Thank you