Fmod is ading 0.003seconds of silence to my audio file in Speed parameter


So I am tying to loop a jet sound in Fmod and when dragging it from my Assets folder into the Events Speed parameter tab it add 0.003seconds of silence to the beginning and end of the audio file, thus making a pop/click every-time it loops. This does not happen in Cubase the file loops perfectly. Pleas help, Thanks!

Here is a screenshot:

Can you check the following:

  1. Ensure you are using a lossless format such as wav. Lossy formats such as mp3 add a bit of silence to exported audio.
  2. Is this silence present when you put the audio file into other software such as Audacity? If so then this is likely going to be down to how Cubase exports audio.

Thanks for the help! Seems like the problem was exporting as a lossy format.